My Mission

To inspire dedicated people to become the best version they can be, through impactful transformational coaching and to facilitate positive change in the world.

My Values

For Individuals:

The use of a signature methodology creates innate change and transformation to flourish and thrive. My coaching focuses on habits and habitual behaviour, how to change habits to serve you better, to improve relationships and/or to choose a career according to your habits.

For Businesses:

A scientific tool (Shadowmatch®), is used to support your business to recruit the right people you need and match them to the right roles in a work environment.

We use a team synopses report for team coaching on leadership level for team as well as individual leadership development and succession planning, based on specific habits and behaviors underlying team functionality, alignment and interaction.

Change your mindset, change your life!

My Qualifications 

Certified GALLUP International Strengths™ Coach

Certified Shadowmatch® Coach

Certified Transformation Life Coach

NLP practitioner

It’s all too common. You are not alone.

Live your purpose intentionally!

One-on-one Coaching:

Career Coaching: 1 session, personalised report, 2 hours – R975

  • Career success / Change career

Personal Life Coaching: (customised packages – request quotation)

  • Personal growth / self-mastery (habits, behaviour)
  • Setting and achieving your dream/vision and goals
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Self-exploration / increase your self-awareness

Team coaching: (Request a quotation on this services)

  • Shadowmatch ® behavioural benchmarking solution helps to identify and predict specific employee habits and behaviours impacting the team’s success. This tool provides insights you can use to better build, manage, develop and deploy team members or teams.


Recruitment: (Request a quotation on this service)

  • The Shadowmatch ® tool is used to match individuals to the right roles in the work environment. Candidates to complete a questionnaire as part of the hiring process to perform the matching exercise.

(For more about one-on-one coaching, online courses, workbooks and other products and services)

Benefits of using my services:

Our scientific tools will support and guide you in understanding yourself better to build a greater life and to level up from where you are to thrive.

My coaching involves:

• Understanding your journey and paving the way

• Ability to apply skills and techniques that will work for you

• Understanding and helping you overcome limiting paradigms and behaviours

• Inside out transformation / change from within

• Listening and support to accelerate your personal development

• Stretching and growing you to achieve self-mastery

• Clarity around what you want in life

• Helping you achieve goals and personal excellence

• Equipping you to realise your inherent value and dreams

• Personalised career guidance discussions to support effective change/decisions

• Greater career satisfaction and success.

• Complete confidentiality