Scientific tool is used for the questionnaires and reports

Career Strategy Coaching:

For scholars, students and adults –
Career success / Change career


✓ Introduction session (30 min)
✓ Questionnaire to complete
✓ Personal career report
✓ Career report POWER HOUR
✓ Career plan hour

Value add: 2 hours of extra coaching PLUS a workbook for just R500 extra!

➢ Career Values identification workbook
➢ 2 hours of coaching


Unique personalised tools are used to stimulate thought and encourage action.

Behavioral-based Coaching:


Introduction session (30 min)
✓ Questionnaire to complete
✓ Personal report (habits scores)
✓ Feedback session (1 hour)
✓ Follow up coaching session (1 hour)

Productivity and Time Management Coaching:

Transform, prioritise and make better use of the time you have!


✓ Introduction session (30 min)
✓ Get organised and achieve more with the time you have (1 hour)
✓ Discover where you sabotage yourself (45 min)
✓ Remove distractions, interruptions and timewasters (1:15 hours)
✓ Boost motivation – and results! (1 hour)

Balance & Self Care Coaching:

Explore and understand how to achieve more balance in your life AND find calm!


✓ Introduction session (30 min)
✓ Find the calm you are looking for
✓ Your specific self-care needs
✓ Energy zappers
✓ Setting boundaries
✓ Time for a cleansing “release”
➢ Coaching exercise & workbooklet!!

5 x 45min interactive sessions

Set your compass – Vision and Goal-Setting Coaching:

Set exciting, aligned and meaningful goals, commit and TAKE ACTION!


✓ Introduction session (30 min)
✓ Explore your vision
✓ Explore goal ecology
✓ Set meaningful goals and take action
✓ annual goal setting worksheet
✓ 3 month vision worksheet
✓ weekly success planner
✓ vision worksheet

RENEW YOU, Love your Life! Coaching program

This program is for people who are serious about their transformation journey to reconnect to

ECONNECT – RE-ENERGISE – RENEW and love your life!

This program runs over 90 days (13 weekly sessions over 3 months). It is a jam-packed program and
an outline for a great process to raise your awareness around what you really love in life, clarity on
what you want to achieve, where you get in your own way and to discover what makes your heart
sing. You will learn to “spring clean” your life (taking stock; letting go; declutter; detox). It takes hard
work to change for the better and I am here, all the way with you on this transformation journey to
help and support you to become a better YOU!

It is time to brighten up your life, clear out the clutter and setting yourself up for success.

Your investment: R3997 ONLY!!